Saturday, February 17, 2007

Along with some of the Paremus team, I attend the London JSIG meeting hosted by Alex Blewitt , the EclipseZone editor and Neil Bartlett. In summary - a really good session!

Alex and Neil gave an excellent introductory presentation and demonstration of OSGi usage. Some of OSGi's key differentiators in the areas of versioning behaviour / management were communicated in a clear and compelling fashion. Well worth looking through the slides, which are now available on the JSIG site.

Prior to the meeting also had the pleasure of meeting Glyn Normington from IBM. Glyn, who had travelled up to London for the JSIG, is spec lead for JSR 291 and contributor to both JSR 277 and JSR 294. Those interested in development in these areas should certainly keep an eye on Glyn's blog.

Finally, a question to Alex - clearly a master of Apple's Keynote presentation software :) I have keynote 3.02, but I cannot find any of the transitions you used. So what is the secret?

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AlBlue said...

The transitions are accessed from the slide inspector, and about the 2nd or 3rd icon is the slide transition (as distinct from any of the element transitions). The ones I used were 'droplet' for the majority, as well as cube/slide/twirl/fire.

Oh, and zoom is either Command+Opt+= (or -) if you've got zoom enabled (Command+Opt+8 to enable/disable it). Or if you've got a scroll wheel/mighty mouse, Command+scroll wheel will zoom in and out.