Saturday, January 20, 2007

cognito ergo sum?

Unfortunately, 'I blog, therefore I am' seems to have greater resonance these days.

So, dragged kicking and screaming by my Paremus colleagues, I've agreed to start, what feels to be the somewhat unnatural behavior, that of 'blogging'.

The Usual Disclaimer:

Being the founder and CEO for a enterprise software company based in the UK (yes - I did say the UK!), my views hopefully influence my colleagues, and company direction ;) That said, my views are my own, and do not formally represent those of my colleagues and company.

In summary, my career initially started as an Astrophysicist, but a family and mortgage finally convinced me that I need to earn a living, and so I became an economic migrant, moving into an IT career with a major Investment Bank with offices based in London. After 7 very interesting years, I made the difficult decision to leave the Bank, and set-up Paremus in 2001.

"Great timing!", I hear from those of you whom started ventures around the same time ;)

I've always been more interested in the underlying principles, concepts and fundamental "truths", rather than the specifics of a system implementation. With the creation of Paremus, I found these interests translated into a deep curiosity concerning Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS), Recovery Oriented Computing ROC and how these concepts might finally address some of the fundamental issues faced by modern distributed enterprise systems.

Whilst these interests have ongoing influence in our internal research and product development programs, they were also a key driver for the formation of the codeCauldron community. The Cauldron community, founded by Paremus in 2006, has the simple intention of fostering the development of next generation of distributed autonomic system. For our part, Paremus engineers, have successfully leverage some of the CAS / RoC design principles to which I refer to create Newton; a distributed OSGi / Jini / SCA based service framework, again hosted by the codeCauldron open-source community.

So, if you find my subsequent ramblings of interest, you may find a visit to Cauldron worthwhile.


AlBlue said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Just make sure you don't end up as a clogger instead.

Andrey said...

Dear Richard,

My name is Andrey. I live and work in Kazakhstan, one of the former Soviet Union Republics. Most part of my professional career has been in the field of Business Strategy.
For the last seven years together with my Team we are developing our own Initiative aimed at research and practical application of the concept of Complex Adaptive Systems.

May be we can find joined interest. You can find information on our Initiative at our website: The site is largely work in progress, demonstrating what we aspire to achieve rather than who we are today.
Hope to hear back from you.
Andrey Shovkoplyas
Founder & CEO
ImagineWeb Ltd.